Generaly, VELUX brand is a well known worldwide name. Quality value has a major priority at the VELUX group. As a matter of fact, all VELUX windows have been certified according to ISO 9001 and CE. Furthermore, the roof windows are designed and manufactured in accordance with relevant international standards.

VELUX group has main VELUX shops in most countries in Europe. Beside, our company is a representative of the VELUX roof windows in Lithuania. That is the reason, why we can always offer a competitive price for You! Also, a standard dimensions of the VELUX windows (width and  height) are bellow:

CK02 – 55×78
CK04 – 55×98
CK06 – 55×118
FK04 – 66×98
FK06 – 66×118
FK08 – 66×140
MK04 – 78×98
MK06 – 78×118
MK08 – 78×140
MK10 – 78×160
MK12 – 78×180
PK06 – 94×118
PK08 – 94×140
PK10 – 94×160
SK06 – 114×118
SK08 – 114×140
SK10 – 114×160
UK08 – 134×140
UK10 – 134×160

Important to mention, that not only a standard sizes are available. In fact, You can order other sizes and VELUX Cabrio windows, VELUX windows for a balcony, VELUX flat roof type windows, VELUX sun tunnels and many other products.

VELUX accessories

Moreover, we can offer all the accessories for VELUX production, as an international VELUX does. It goes without saying, we can offer many opening types, roller blinds, handles and automatic openers, such as VELUX Integra. Additionally, several colors to pick from and many types of a glass package is available. As a matter of fact, we have an economic type – VELUX GZL, which has a very nice price! Important to say, that all production is very well and properly packed, so we are always sure about the safe delivery. In particular, customers prefer a natural wood color from inside, which looks natural, varnished. Correspondingly, if You prefer a white color, we can offer VELUX roof windows with poluretan cover or just painted white. To clarify, the poluyrethane cover gives an extra water protection. Apart from this, it is “vedlikeholdsfrie” product. At the present time, the most popular opening type for VELUX is middle axle-centre-pivot (“midhengslet”) and a handle on the top/bottom, if needed. Also possible to open windows from the top – it is “panoramic” type opening. Mainly, top hinges is often called as a „fire escape“ type (“top hengslet”).

VELUX equipment

Similarly, VELUX has a great options for a flat roof. Also, VELUX Cabrio windows GDL and roof terrace, sun tunnels as well. We always recommend to buy VELUX production with a montage gasket set, BDX, BFX and BBX isolations. Of course, if customer requires, a complete finish from inside (“furing”) is included. Of course, You will always find an instruction and recommendations for installment with all montage system in a package. Usually, customers send us several things to get a personal offer. The most important is size of the window, opening type, color from inside, roof type (flat or tiles). After this we can make an offer immediately.