Cabrio and Roof terrace

VELUX Cabrio (GDL)

Speaking generally, VELUX Cabrio – it is not just a simple roof window. Usually, this kind of product goes from the roof window to balcony in a seconds. As a matter of fact, the innovative balcony gives air, light and a great view to your house. Also, VELUX Cabrio balcony lets You enjoy natural light and great views, while letting outside space flow into Your interior. The window opens outward on it’s top hinges to give You an extra headroom and beautiful panoramic views. Furthermore, here are the main advantages of VELUX Cabrio windows below:

  • From a standard window to a balcony in a few seconds;
  • Lets in a lot of fresh air and a day light in;
  • You can open only upper part and have as a standard roof window;
  • Integrated air filter lets the fresh air in, but no dusts or insects.

Particularly, You can pick one of two standard sizes for VELUX Cabrio windows:  (PK19) 940×2520 and (SK19) 1140×2520. Moreover, VELUX can offer such variations for inside finish:

  1. Natural wood color – varnished. For those, who likes a natural wood. Clear quality varnishing by technology keeps safe from dust and humidity.
  2. Painted white. For those, who likes white color. Special paint and clear varnish keeps safe from dust and humidity as well.

VELUX roof terrace (GEL)

Surprisingly, VELUX roof terrace (GEL) is not just a simple roof window. Beside, having such roof terrace You can enjoy additional space and daylight. This can be direct entrance to the outside. To emphasize, here are the main roof terrace advantages below:

  • Extra daylight and great floor to ceiling view;
  • Roof window or roof terrace is Your choice. Also You can open it as a normal VELUX roof window;
  • Integrated air filter lets fresh air in, but stops dusts and insects;
  • The air filter is easy to clean.

By all means, VELUX roof windows can dramatically change the room. They are the fastest way to add a natural light, ventilation and the feeling of openness.

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