Blinds and other accessories

Speaking generally, all VELUX blinds and other accessories not only looks good, but also are very practical. For example, VELUX blinds, shutters or insect screens. Beside, blinds and shutters helps to prevent oo much light or sun heating in a summer time. In spite of this, it is possible to make the room without letting any sunlight in. It happens, when we pick black out material type blinds. Furthermore, we are happy to introduce the most popular products from this type of production.

DKL type VELUX blackout material blinds

Presently, DKL type VELUX blackout material blinds are the most popular product. In fact, such blinds are tested to give You the best blackout effect. Indeed, it doesn’t matter which color You will pick. Be sure, the blackout material type guarantees total darkness. Beside, You can choose from 36 different colors. Meanwhile, DKL type VELUX blinds can be fixed in any position. With this in mind, this kind of blinds are perfect for a bedrooms, where You want to control the day light.

Another key point is about how to control the VELUX roof windows. Important to realise, that You can control it manually or with a remote. Normally, manually operated blinds with control bars are very easy to use. Beside, VELUX blackout blinds are made of a dirt resistance fabric. Important to mention, that it consists of three layer: polyester, light tight intermediate layer, and a special alu coating. It goes without saying, the aluminum coating blocks out the light and improves the insulation by reducing sunheat in the summer time.

DFD type duo VELUX blinds

Mainly, DFD type duo VELUX blinds made of two layers. First, blind in blackout material, second, pleated blind in white material. In fact, the black out cloth on duo blackout blinds is available in 24 different colors. Moreover, this kind of blinds has two control bars, that can be adjusted separately. To clarify, it makes easy to control the sunlight. Just pick how much to black out, and how much to diffuse the light.

Particularly, the blackout blind is made of a dirt resistant fabric. It consists of three layers: polyester, a light tight intermediate layer and a special alu coated layer. As was mentioned before, the aluminum coating blocks out the light and improves insulation. In fact, it reduces the unwanted sunheat in a summertime. Also, VELUX duo black out blinds DFD run in sleek rails, made of anodized aluminum. Beside, that prevents light from passing around the edges.
Normally, this type of VELUX blinds You can fix in any position. Be sure, it is easy to use. Consequently, those blinds suits best for a bedroom, working room and other area, where You wish to control the day light.

The exterior VELUX awning MHL

Naturally, the exterior VELUX awning MHL protects from heat in the summer time. In fact, the fabric is transparent and it can be installed from the inside. Please, consider where Your VELUX roof windows are placed and how often You expect to adjust the position of the blind. With this in mind, such information will let You decide the right management mode of the awning easily. There are two control options – manually or with a remote control. In addition, VELUX MHL awning blinds are made of weather resistant, 100% polyester net fabric. The long lasting performance is guaranteed in such circumstances.

Outside security VELUX shutter SHL

Uniquely, outside security VELUX shutter SHL is perfect for any climate or season. Beside, the main advantages of this product below:

  • heat protection
  • total black out
  • insulation and noise reduction
  • security purposes

As follows, VELUX SHL shutter prevents Your room from getting too hot in the summer time and keeps it warm in the winter. Available in dark grey aluminum, as a standard color. With attention to the whole set, VELUX shutter comes with a top cover. Generally, top cover is integrated into the window and hides the shutter when it is not in use. Furthermore, You should consider where Your roof windows is placed and how often You expect to adjust the position of the roller shutter. Mainly, this is necessary to pick the right operation of Your VELUX SHL shutter. Particularly, it can be manually controlled or with a remote control. In fact, shutter itself is made of a hard-wearing, lacquered aluminum and is tested under extreme conditions. In spite, it ensures long lasting and durability.

VELUX insect screen nets ZIL

Can You imagine the summer with a fresh air and without any ping of insects? Luckily, we can offer a perfect solution – VELUX insect screen nets ZIL. This special screen protects from insects all 100% and it is easy to mount from inside. In fact, transparent and durable fabric does not obstruct Your view through the window. Moreover, VELUX insect screen ZIL is suitable for any VELUX roof window. Of course, if screen is not in use, it stays nearly away in the slim aluminum top casing. Also, VELUX insect screen is manually operated with a control bar. Additionally, insect screens are made of glass fiber net coated with PVC. The side rails are made or natural anodized aluminum.

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