Installation gaskets and Accessories

Generally speaking, VELUX roof window installation gasket kits are designed to integrate Your VELUX roof windows perfectly into the roofing material. Because of the professional VELUX installation gasket kits, installation will be fast, simple and safe. The right type of installation gasket set ensure that Your VELUX roof window is completely fitted and weather tight in any weather conditions.

EDW2000 (up to 120mm roof)

This EDW2000 is used for tiles roof type or steel plates looking as tiles, when roofing material is up to 120 mm in profile. This is one of the most popular flashing kits type. It is suitable for 15-90 degrees roof. Beside, we always offer EDW2000 installation kit with BDX, BFX and BBX isolations.

EDZ2000 (up to 45mm roof)

The EDZ2000 is used for a tiles roof type, or steel plates, when roof material is up to 45mm in profile. It is the best for 20-90 degrees roof. Beside, we always offer EDZ2000 installation kit with BDX, BFX and BBX isolations.


EDS2000 (up to 16mm roof)

This one EDS2000 is used for a plain roof tiles, paper roof, or flat steel plates, when the roof material is up to 16mm in profile. Best for 25-90 degrees roof. Beside, we always offer EDS2000 installation kit with BDX, BFX and BBX isolations.

Of course, very important is the right and proper roof window installation. That’s why, every installation gasket kit has an instruction inside the package. Otherwise, the instruction on the internet can be found in many different languages. The VELUX brand offers a range of installation gasket kits, designed for different roof types. Beside, the most popular is tiles roof type.

  • BDX – it is a frame insulation product, which ensures proper insulation between the roof construction and roof window frame.
  • BFX – it ensures flexible and tight connection between the underfelt and the window frame.
  • BBX – it is a vapour and condensate barrier collar, including assembly for an airtight solution.

Sometimes, customers wish an extra parts on the inside. For example, as LSG inside adjustable steel frame or LSC complete inside finishing. We can offer such extra parts also. Of course, it is very popular to finish from inside with gyps, tiles, wood or other material.

There is always a chance to combine windows and mount them together side by side or above each other. Just let us know simple plan or share the idea. Together with VELUX we will find the best solution!

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