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Speaking generally, the VELUX brand is offering not only simple roof windows, but also other VELUX roof solutions. In case, when You decide to buy roof windows, it is very important to know a few things. First, You should know the exact roof point, where windows will be located. Second, pick the point of the room, where the day light is the most important.

As we all know, roof windows toward south direction, will let in the most light throughout the day. Roof windows toward north – will not let direct sun into the room, but lets light into the room at day time. According to this, it helps to arrange windows on the roof, that You will get as much day light as You want.

In spite of this, VELUX can make the idea come true, when it looks like almost impossible. To clarify, solutions, such like sun tunnels, lets the day light into the room. More production, likewise roof windows for a flat roof, emergency exit roof windows, smoke ventil type and other VELUX roof solutions below.

Sun tunnel

VELUX sun tunnels

Surprisingly, such sun tunnels are designed to provide a natural light. Beside, this tunnel is designed for a pitched or flat roofs, the twilight zones, where it is not possible to mount a standard roof window. For example, corridor, cupboard, bathroom, stairwell, under the pitched roof, wardrobe and other.

In fact, the VELUX sun tunnel installation is flexible. It doesn’t matter how close the roof and ceiling is when mounting. It is also possible to mount the sun tunnel, when distance between the roof and inside ceiling is not a straight line, but with corner. To emphasize, VELUX sun tunnels can be installed on tiles roof type or a flat profile type/flat roof. To enumerate, the codes of VELUX sun tunnels are: TWF, TLR, TWR and TLF.

Indeed, such VELUX sun tunnel is easy to install on any kind of roof. You just need to share the current situation with us and together with we will find the best solution by VELUX product opportunities.

Closed type flat roof windows

Closed type flat roof windows

Frequently, flat roof window with a smooth glass and without dome on the top is a new product from VELUX. Usually, a classic VELUX flat roof window is mounted with dome on the top. But now, in contrary, You can get a flat roof plane glass model integrated 4 mm hardened glass pane. Finally, the plane glass stands out as a stylish and minimalistic design feature with black pillars and mini profile. Beside, VELUX none opening flat roof window CFP suits well for a room, where a lot of day light without an additional ventilation is preferred. Also, the double glazed unit has a laminated inner pane for additional safety.

Particularly, the flat roof type VELUX windows, same as other VELUX production, made of a quality materials. Moreover, the sash is covered with aluminum cladding for an extra durability and very low maintenance requirements. In fact, high performance insulation is integrated into the frame to give the best possible protection against heat loss. Important to mention, that the system with a special dome structure provides an excellent rain and traffic noise reduction.

Velux flat roof windows with opening possibility

VELUX flat roof windows with opening possibility

CVP type VELUX roof windows suits for flat roofs, where also needs ventilation. Moreover, it even fits industrial buildings, offices, clinics, where the day light and fresh air is so important. In spite of this, flat roof window type can be opened manually or automatically. Usually, the most popular automatic opener is VELUX Integra system for that kind of windows, because of the height.

Access flat roof windows type

Access flat roof windows type

Normally, the CXP type VELUX flat roof window can be opened manually to an angle of 60° to allow easy roof access. Also, the roof access window can easily be combined with a group of flat roof windows, CFP/CVP, without changing the outer appearance of the building. In fact, clear or matted dome over the access type VELUX roof window saving window from rain and snow. Beside, using that type of window easier to get on the roof if needed.

VELUX smoke ventilation for flat roof

Particularly, such VELUX roof windows with a smoke and heat ventilation are perfect for buildings, which need to meet a safety requirements. As a matter of fact, in the event of a fire, the window automatically opens to let smoke and gasses out of the building. Of course, this kind of windows can also be opened to provide a natural building ventilation.

Moreover, it is possible to integrate electric and automatic openers, rain sensors and etc. Surprisingly, it looks like a normal VELUX flat roof window from inside and outside.
VELUX roof lights for unheated spaces

VELUX roof lights for unheated spaces

Speaking generally, You will get not only day light into Your space, but also an access to the roof and ventilation purpose. Beside, GVT, GVK, VLT – this kind of windows are side hinges, so access on the roof is simple. Easy to access chimney for cleaning, roof fixing or many other purposes.

Features of VELUX roof window for unheated spaces:

  • Opening and closing with handle mounted on the side of the window.
  • Pneumatic spring lets easy to open window and fix on opening position.
  • Ventilation grills with air filter.
  • Handle with lock for security from children.
  • Available accessories: insect screens, blinds or curtains.
  • Can be installed on roofs with a pitch of 20° – 65°.

Round roof windows for flat roof

A new product of our company – round roof windows* with a unique design. Such roof windows have a flat glass and are for flat roofs. A special design, a safe 3-glass package not only ensures good sound and thermal insulation properties, but also provides Your interior with an extraordinary accent and natural daylight. The product’s design is designed so, that the jig is invisible from the inside, so it does not prevent light from entering the room.

When choosing windows for a flat roof, security is very important for Your house. By default, in our company, all round roof windows are manufactured with 8 mm tempered glass on the outside and an extra laminated glass on the inside. Such a structure of glass packages not only withstands storms, but also the weight of a person climbing it. The base is made of a double glass fiber with a special polyurethane filling. Not only special “SOUDAL” gaskets and durable silicones ensure tightness, but also a loose mounting place of 3-glass packages and a base of a double heat-insulating glass fiber mat. Diameter of outer glass is larger, because it could be possible to additionally heat the base of the roof window from the outside before laying roof. 

Round roof windows, like the other roof windows, require a very thorough and responsible installation. Our video presents a brief overview of the window concept and installation progress (watch video).

Round roof windows not only create an extraordinary design, but also increase the luminous flux that flows into your spaces. It has been estimated that through the roof window, 40% more light flows into the room. Our company offers a choice of four round roof windows, which have these different diameters: 1000 mm, 1200 mm and 1500 mm. 

*this is our company’s product, not VELUX


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